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How many restaurants in the Newport Beach area are open?

The city of Newport Beach has not posted the number of restaurants open in Newport Beach restaurants as of Friday morning.But the Newport News Bee has learned the number has increased to 562.The number includes a number of restaurant that were closed in January, but were reopened as of February.The

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New York Jets to name new coach after winning the Super Bowl

NEW YORK — The New York Yankees are making a big push for a new coach, and they’re getting a little help from the NFL.The New York Times reports that the Yankees are bringing in former Giants offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur to run the offensive unit.Shurmur spent the last three

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Why China’s restaurant chain is thriving in the world’s most competitive marketplace

Restaurants are still very much a niche business in China, and the country still does not have an effective regulatory framework for food safety and hygiene.But that’s changing.In fact, the country’s largest chain, Landrys, has been expanding rapidly, thanks to a new regulatory framework that will allow it to take

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How Newport’s Mediterranean Restaurant Impossible, but It’s the Right One

The latest version of the Restaurant Impossible restaurant franchise will only be able to operate in Queensland if it gets permission from the Queensland Government.The Restaurant Impossible franchise in Newport has been struggling for months to obtain the necessary permissions from the state Government, which has given the franchise the

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How do I know if a restaurant is in my area?

When a new restaurant opens in my city, it’s a big deal.The city will announce a list of restaurants, and I can’t wait to find out if I like the menu.But I often miss the excitement of a good breakfast or lunch.It can be a little overwhelming to know what’s

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How to avoid getting hit by the pho bill at a Persian restaurant

If you’re in the Pho and Peking restaurants business, you’ve probably had the feeling that a pho and peking dish is worth a hundred bucks.It’s not quite true.There are a lot of people who have come to appreciate the flavors of Pho better than pho.In fact, Pho is now the

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