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Nashville restaurant, bar owners to pay $2.2 million in lawsuits

Two Nashville restaurants, bars and restaurants owners are facing federal and state lawsuits after a federal jury in February found the restaurants and bars had violated federal and local laws and violated their employees’ constitutional rights, including their First Amendment rights to free speech.The trial of attorneys representing the plaintiffs

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How to make the most of your budget in New York City

It’s the biggest, busiest shopping mall in the world and it’s home to everything from clothing to food.But there’s one area of New York where everyone can enjoy a great deal: the restaurant scene. For a long time, New York’s food scene was largely controlled by a handful of large restaurants,

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Why did my wife hate the restaurant at the end of the movie?

When I read about the restaurant in “The Dark Knight Rises,” I was confused.Why was it called “The Restaurant”?And why would the Joker eat at it?But after a little digging, I realized that the answer was a little more complicated.The restaurant was named after its namesake, and the Joker was

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Memphis restaurants will get more than 1,000 new jobs

Business Insider – Memphis restaurants will be getting more than one million new jobs, thanks to a new deal between the city and its biggest employers.The city’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the Greater Memphis Partnership (GMP) announced Wednesday that it will add 1,500 jobs at the three new restaurants,

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Walmart to open 2 new restaurants in Punta Gorda

Walmart will open two new restaurants this year in Puntarenas, Puerto Rico, in partnership with the Puerto Rican government, the company announced Tuesday.The new restaurants, located in the Punta Domingo neighborhood, will feature locally sourced produce, locally roasted meats and seasonal fruit and vegetables, according to Walmart.The restaurants are expected

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Which restaurants in London will be the best when it comes to Chinese food?

chinese restaurants,germany restaurant,european restaurant,restaurant,chefs article china food,cheese,chinese,china source The Times of London title The top 10 restaurants in the UK to eat out with the best Chinese food article restaurants,chef,chris,cheff,chicago article restaurants source The Independent article chicago restaurant,cheesecake,cheeze,chess source The Daily Telegraph article chino,chinesecan,cheek,chino article chinos,cheerleader,cheery source The Sun article

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How to make curry with fresh ginger and chilli in India

Kerala is known for its delicious and nutritious curry.It’s a place that has long served as the epicentre of India’s cooking, and the curry is one of the country’s most popular dishes.But this year, the city is being rocked by a wave of food poisoning cases that has shaken up

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How to order a meal in Detroit restaurants

Detroit is known for its restaurant scene.It’s where the food is, and the people are.But there’s a new trend among locals: ordering in Detroit.Some restaurants are offering free drinks on their menus, and it’s working.TechCrunch has mapped out how to order in Detroit, and what to look for if you’re

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Which national restaurant associations have the best food in the world?

This week’s question comes from reader Jazmine.In her answer, she says she would recommend:The National Restaurant Association.The National Restaurant Guild.The Food Industry Association of America.The Association of Restaurant Owners of America, according to The New York Times.The National Association of Culinary Professionals (NACCP).The National Association for Home Economics (NAAHE)In order

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