How to make the best little italian pizzas in NYC

Little Italy is a town nestled between Brooklyn and Queens, and you’ll find it in almost every major New York City borough.

Its been a place of culture and adventure for generations, and it’s been one of my favorite destinations for the last few years.

But the town is a bit different now than it was in the past.

It’s a mix of small-business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and restaurateurs who live and work here.

I’ve had the chance to visit the little Italy neighborhood twice in the last year.

Here’s what I’ve learned about this place.1.

Its the little Italian pizzeria that can make you feel like a hero.

It started as a humble bakery that made little pizzas.

It closed in 2016 after its owner, Luca Carbonelli, died.

The last of the remaining employees left in 2018.

Luca worked hard to create his own brand and sell his wares, and in the process created a place where people from around the world could shop for their favorite little Italian products.

His pizza is just as good as any other.

The pizzas are all handmade and his staff makes them for you.2.

Its a town full of good old-fashioned Americana, not just pizza.

I first discovered Little Italy when I moved here in the summer of 2017.

I knew the town was home to a lot of local artists and writers, so I was excited to visit.

When I first walked into the little town on a sunny day in September 2018, I was greeted by a colorful mural of the Little Italy’s famous street art.

Little Italy was in its heyday.

I spent the next month hanging out with local musicians, making friends, learning about Italian history and eating a lot.

I think Little Italy has always been a great place to visit and experience the city of New York.

I’m glad I made the trip.

It is an amazing place, and I hope you come again soon.

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