This is what you need to know about fieri-gate and why you should probably not eat it

The fieri controversy started after an image of a fritter on a hotdog stand was shared by a fan.

While it was a fun photo, the reaction on social media was pretty harsh.

On social media, people were not happy about it, saying it was disgusting and not appropriate for a hot dog stand.

Fritters are a popular snack in many places around the world, but not in America.

In America, fritters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be served on their own or with chips, french fries, and even breadsticks.

In this case, the image was taken from a frito-soup restaurant and the frittering on the hotdog was in a potato, but the rest of the food was all potato.

There was some controversy about whether or not the hot dog was a potato or a fudge.

The New York Post wrote that the hot dogs were “pink fudge.”

On Twitter, people called the fattening “gum-filled” and “chewy” and accused the restaurant of selling frittered food.

In response to the criticism, a spokesperson for Frito-Lay announced that they were “reviewing all our menu options to ensure that we are providing our customers with a diverse selection of food options to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the American population.”

According to the spokesperson, they would not be changing the product’s name and they were still working on a statement on their website.

People who have been eating hot dogs at the frito stand in question are not happy with the decision and are going to have to do something to get their money back.

The hot dog controversy is nothing new, but now people are going after hot dogs in general.

According to Yelp, there are over 200 hot dog restaurants in the US, but only a few of them are considered legitimate.

Frito Lay, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell are the three biggest, but there are many more.

What are some other hot dog spots that people can complain about?

Hot dog restaurants have been around since the 1980s, but they haven’t been as well known as they are today.

According the Washington Post, there were over 400 hot dog joints in the United States in 2009, and the number has only increased in the past two years.

The reason that hot dog chains have been getting so much attention is because the restaurant chains have become a popular way to eat out.

While there are a number of legitimate hot dog stands, most of them have either been closed down or are not even open anymore.

Many restaurants have taken on the “dog wars” and are trying to expand their menu to cater to a younger demographic.

There are also places like Shake Shack that try to cater specifically to dogs.

In many cases, the restaurant owners will try to get a hot tip to the restaurant owner.

But there are some places that have a different kind of “hot dog wars.”

Some of the places that people complain about are: Burger King (which is a burger chain, not a hot-dog stand)

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