How French restaurants are opening in Canada

French restaurants have started to open in Canada.

They include some that are vegan and have no dairy or meat, and some that serve a more meat-centric menu.

Here’s a look at what they’re serving:Vegan RestaurantsIn Ottawa, one of the best vegan restaurants is The Vegan Cafe.

It’s on the second floor of the old Royal Ottawa Hotel, just across the street from Parliament Hill.

They have a vegan menu, and they also serve meat-free meals.

(Photo: J.M. Smirnov/CBC)This restaurant, located at the corner of Queen Street and Parliament Avenue, offers vegetarian, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly meals.

It also offers a menu of local produce and local meats.

(Photos: The Vegan Café)They’re known for serving vegan and vegetarian dishes, which include a vegan plate of veggie burgers, and vegan pancakes.

(A vegan burger and pancakes are also available at The Vegan Restaurant on Parliament Avenue.)

They also serve vegan desserts and vegan soups.

(See what we think about the vegan menu at The Royal Ottawa.)

If you’re looking for something a little more indulgent, The Vegan Bistro on Parliament is a little less ambitious.

They serve a vegetarian menu that includes vegetarian chicken, veggie pancakes, and a veggie burger.

(It also has a vegan coffee, but they’re still not selling it.)

The Vegan Cafe has a vegetarian kitchen.

(CBC News)The Vegan Biscuit Cafe is located at 101 Parliament Avenue in the old Queen Street Hotel.

They also have a veg-centric vegan menu.

(The Vegan Cauldron is a vegan cafe in downtown Ottawa, and the owners say it’s more focused on the local community.)

They serve local and seasonal produce, and serve some vegan food, but it’s all vegetarian.

The Vegan Café is located on Parliament Ave.

in the Old Queen Street hotel.

(Facebook)In Ottawa and Vancouver, vegan restaurants are popping up all over the city.

Here are some of the places you should be aware of.

Vegans in VancouverVegan Kitchen in Vancouver is a small, intimate vegan restaurant, which offers a variety of vegetarian dishes.

They offer a variety menu, including veggie- and meat-based options.

The vegan menu is also vegan.

(Video: Justin Leggett/CBC News, Justin Leghitt/CBC Ottawa)The Veggie Kitchen in Ottawa has been serving up vegan meals in the past.

It serves the best of the vegan dishes, and also offers more vegetarian options.

(There’s also a menu with vegan desserts.)

They offer tofu-free, gluten-free and vegan options, and even offer gluten- free desserts.

The restaurant also serves some vegan soupons.

(You can also grab a vegan hot chocolate or ice cream.)

The menu also includes vegan coffee and tea, and veggie pizza.

(Vegas vegan pizza is also available in Toronto.)

In Vancouver, there are a few vegan restaurants that are also located in the downtown core.

Here, you can get the best-of-the-best vegan meals, like the vegan burger at The Veggie Grill.

(We recommend their burger, as it’s a lot of fun to eat.)

The restaurant also offers vegan sandwiches and vegetarian salads.

(Check out our list of best vegan spots in Vancouver.)

The Vegans in CalgaryVegan Grill in Calgary has been around for more than 20 years.

The restaurant serves vegetarian and vegan dishes.

(Craig Mitchell/CBC Canadian)The Vegers in EdmontonVegan Burger and Pizzeria in Edmonton offers a vegan, meat-friendly menu.

The menu includes vegan burgers, a vegan pizza, and meatless options.

The vegan burger is made by a team of five people in a small kitchen.

It comes with an onion and tomato sauce.

(Our personal favorite is the vegan cheese with avocado and tomatoes, and you can also order the vegetarian option, which is the vegetarian version of the burger.)

The vegetarian menu includes a vegan cheese.

(Vegan burger photo: Alain LeBlanc/CBC.)

The vegan pizza comes from the Vegans team in an Italian-inspired oven.

They make it from scratch, and it comes with tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella, and bacon.

They’ve got a lot to offer in the vegan pizza category.

(And yes, the pizza is vegan.)

You can order the vegan pasta with tofu, too.

(This is a vegetarian option.)

(Watch our video tour of Vegans.)

We recommend trying vegan options from other cities too, such as Vancouver.

They’re also starting to open up their own vegan restaurants, which are expected to open later this year.

Here are some things to know about vegetarian restaurants in Canada:Vegors in TorontoVegan Pizza in Toronto, which serves vegan pizza and vegan burgers.

(Caitlin Burke/CBC Toronto)Vegers in Toronto is also a city known for being vegan friendly

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