Why did my wife hate the restaurant at the end of the movie?

When I read about the restaurant in “The Dark Knight Rises,” I was confused.

Why was it called “The Restaurant”?

And why would the Joker eat at it?

But after a little digging, I realized that the answer was a little more complicated.

The restaurant was named after its namesake, and the Joker was eating there.

And after the restaurant’s owners were murdered in a suicide bombing, the restaurant went into a long decline.

Then, in “Dark Knight Rides Again,” the Joker comes back to the restaurant and, like the Joker in “Suicide Squad,” tries to take it over.

The Joker’s next act is to take over the restaurant again and take over its ownership.

The movie’s director Christopher Nolan has made a name for himself by bringing the dark and gritty gritty Gotham City to life, but in this case, he’s doing it in a way that’s not too dark or gritty.

Nolan’s films are often dark and dark and heavy, but he’s also done them with a sense of humor that’s often surprising.

When the Joker takes over the Joker’s diner in “Nightmare on Elm Street,” he’s not joking around.

The film’s director Michael De Luca and star Heath Ledger laugh.

Nolan doesn’t make jokes about the Joker being in on the plot, and it’s a refreshing departure from the usual fare of violent, bloody comedies.

Nolan is often criticized for his heavy use of violence, but I think he’s done a good job of making a movie about a world that’s more open-ended than its usual fare.

It’s an interesting idea, but it’s not a perfect one.

When we first meet Joker, he says to his daughter, “If you don’t like me, you’re not going to like me.”

Joker is a character who has a deep sense of himself and who has always felt that his inner darkness is just a mask.

The character’s dark, self-deprecating humor helps bring out that darker side of him, which is also why it’s so effective in a movie like “The Joker.”

Nolan’s movies are often heavy on violence, and there are some good scenes of that.

But the film’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t really connect with its audience.

In the beginning, we see a young girl’s eyes widen when she sees the Joker, and then she’s left wondering why she’s in the diner.

But as the Joker is introduced to the audience, he takes on a completely different persona.

He becomes the Joker for the first time, and he’s more of a comedic presence than the Joker he initially was.

In “Nightmares,” he gets to play off of his comic book skills, and in “Batman Begins,” he plays off of a famous quote from a young Alfred Pennyworth.

But it’s Nolan’s dark comedy that makes the Joker great.

The villain in “Trolls” has a more menacing, menacing personality, and his death is portrayed in a much more disturbing way than in “Gotham City Sirens.”

It’s not that the film isn’t funny; it’s just that it’s far less dark and grittier.

It has a lot of dark humor, but there’s not enough of it to really get under your skin.

“The Killing Joke” is one of the best films in the Batman franchise.

The most powerful moments come from the movie’s final scene, which features Batman confronting a group of people who have been captured by the Joker.

This scene, however, is what sets this film apart from other Batman movies.

When Batman confronts the people in the Joker Restaurant, he confronts a much larger, more powerful, and more dangerous monster than the one he encountered in “Bane.”

The Joker is more than just a menacing, scary monster.

He is the Joker and the character who embodies the Joker on a level that Batman has never done before.

Nolan made this character a part of the film, and that was a really important part of “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three,” because it really laid out the theme of what was at stake in “Black Adam,” the film in which Batman goes to fight the Joker when he’s about to go into a new prison.

Nolan wanted to convey that Batman and his fellow inmates were on a quest for freedom, and Batman has a special bond with one of his former prison guards, which allows him to be more powerful than he was in the original movie.

Nolan also took on the Joker because he wanted to take the character’s anger out on the audience.

He wanted to make a dark and grim movie, and to do so, he had to make the Joker more dark and violent than he already was.

I would argue that this movie’s dark humor is what makes it a classic.

The scene that really set the tone for the film is the opening credits.

The credits of “Nightshade” and “Night of the Living Dead” are

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