When you’re a Latino and eating ramen, you can still get in trouble for not paying

When you are a Latino, you are more likely to get pulled over for being drunk and you are much more likely than a white person to be accused of driving while black.

But a new study from the University of Southern California (USC) has found that even if you don’t drink or drive, you may still be a victim of discrimination and that you may face racial bias when you order food.

The study, titled “The Racial Bias In Ramen,” is the first to show that when you eat ramen at an Asian restaurant, you do not always get a “black” experience, but rather, a “white” experience.

The findings show that even when you have a white waiter, you still can expect to be judged differently based on your race.

In the study, which was conducted at four Asian restaurants, Asian Americans, Asian Pacific Islanders, and Latinos all reported experiences of racism when eating at Asian restaurants.

The researchers, who looked at a large sample of over 2,000 people, found that Asians, Asians Pacific Islanders and Latinos reported being judged differently when ordering food, as compared to their white peers.

The majority of the Asian participants also reported being asked if they ate at an ethnic restaurant, and those Asian participants reported having their race questioned.

However, the majority of those Asian Americans who reported eating at an American restaurant reported that their race was not the focus of their conversation, and that they only saw white people and white faces in their order.

The racial discrimination study was conducted by Dr. Andrew S. Robinson, a professor of sociology and linguistics at USC and a researcher at the University at Buffalo.

“This is the most comprehensive study of its kind to date that examines how Asian Americans and Latinos are perceived by their peers at Asian and Latino restaurants,” Robinson said.

“We know that these experiences have a lasting impact on our perceptions of our community.”

Robinson and his colleagues analyzed a sample of 1,000 comments submitted to the Los Angeles Times by Asian Americans on a dating site.

They found that Asian Americans are more than twice as likely to be asked if the restaurant is “Asian friendly” and more than three times as likely when they order food from an Asian.

They also found that if they order from a restaurant with a white customer, they are less likely to see the Asian customer as “the most Asian-like person.”

However, if they ordered from an American, Mexican, Thai or Vietnamese restaurant, the Asian Asian American is more likely in the restaurant to be the “most Asian-looking” person.

Robinson said that this study is important because it shows that Asian-Americans do not experience racism simply because they are Asian.

“These results show that Asians experience discrimination in their relationships with the same level of racism that white Americans experience,” he said.

Robinson and colleagues also found evidence that white people were less likely than Asian Americans to feel comfortable eating at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.

However if they eat at an Indian restaurant, Robinson said it may be because of the culture of the Indian community and how the Indian restaurant owner treats their employees.

The American study did not look at how Asian American women and Latino women felt about ordering food at Asian American restaurants, but it does show that the same experience is experienced by both.

Robinson noted that the studies results are in line with other studies, which have shown that Asian American and Latino Americans are at higher risk for being discriminated against because of their race and ethnicity.

“Even though Asian Americans may be less likely at times to be subject to racial bias, they still experience the same amount of discrimination as whites,” he added.

Robinson is now conducting a second study looking at how American college students feel about ordering Chinese food and how those experiences differ from how Asian students feel.

Robinson has been researching how Asians are perceived in the US for a number of years.

“My primary focus is to make sure that these disparities are not being hidden, and to provide them with the information they need to protect themselves and their communities from racial bias,” Robinson told Fox News.

Robinson will present his findings in the April 25-26 issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies, an online journal that publishes research from the fields of sociology, education, economics, political science, and psychology.

Robinson hopes that the results of his first study will encourage more Asian Americans from diverse backgrounds to come forward and share their experiences of discrimination, Robinson added.

“I hope that the findings of this study can be used to help inform the dialogue about racial disparities in our country and to create more understanding of the experiences of Asian Americans,” he told Fox.

The full study will be published in the upcoming issue of The American Journal of Sociology.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of FOX News.

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