What to do when you have to order something at a restaurant? This guide explains it all

If you have a food allergy, you probably have a few questions to ask your server, like, “Can I eat there?” and “Can we order food from this restaurant?” or “Can the restaurant have meat and cheese on their menu?”

The answer is, no, they can’t.

And it’s because there is nothing that the restaurant’s server can do to tell you whether a dish you’re ordering is good or bad.

But that’s exactly what you should ask if you have an allergy, says Emily Lebovitz, a food science professor at the University of Washington.

“That’s why it’s so important to get a food-safety education before ordering anything at a public place, or you’re going to get an allergic reaction,” she says.

This is especially important if you are ordering something that you’ve had in the past.

“You should not be surprised if your server tells you it’s OK, but not sure how to make a decision,” says Lebove.

“There’s no way to know whether the food is safe or not.”

And the best thing to do is to ask the server.

The most common way to ask a server to give you a list of what’s safe to eat is to take the restaurant receipt and look for the words “safe” or “unsafe.”

This can help you make a better decision about what you’re about to order, says Lebevitz.

She also recommends asking if you’re at risk for food poisoning.

“If you’re unsure about what’s dangerous, take a look at what’s in the menu,” says Lebovitz.

“A restaurant might list a dish they think is safe, but you’re really at risk if you eat there.”

And if the server is unsure about a dish, they may just not know how to tell if it’s safe or unsafe.

“Ask a waiter to help you find out what’s unsafe,” says Dina Gartner, an associate professor of health services policy at the George Washington University.

“I think it’s really important to be able to get that information so that you can make a good decision.”

The best way to ensure you don’t get an allergy reaction is to have your symptoms checked out.

If you’re allergic to meat, for example, your doctor will need to do some testing to make sure the meat you’re eating is safe.

A blood test can also give you an idea of your risk.

“It’s also important to know that food allergy symptoms are common in people with food allergies,” says Gartners.

“This is a really common condition.”

For instance, some people who have food allergies will have more difficulty eating at restaurants, which can lead to an allergy to other food, too.

So if you notice an allergy at your restaurant, you may want to take your symptoms to a doctor.

You may also want to ask about other restaurants in your area.

This information is not guaranteed to be accurate.

But the best way for you to make the most of a restaurant is to keep an eye out for any signs that may indicate a food sensitivity.

“When people are ordering, it’s important to ask for a list to look at,” says Gregoire.

“They may be hesitant to order from restaurants with a history of food allergies.”

For example, if your restaurant has a history in other health problems, ask if there are any food allergies.

The answer may be that your server has been there before, and the allergies may have been corrected.

So the question you should always ask is, “Is this restaurant a good place for me?” says Grecoire.

If so, it could be that the food in your restaurant is safe and you don of been exposed to food allergies before.

“But it’s always a good idea to take all the steps necessary to make your dining experience safe,” says Grubbs.

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