K-Pop’s newest food chain, K-Food, opens in Canada

K-food, the latest iteration of K-pop’s new food chain K-Star, is a casual restaurant chain based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Located in the heart of Edmonton, Kfood’s menu features Korean dishes that are popular in Canada.

According to a K-star press release, the restaurant offers a wide variety of Korean cuisine from noodle dishes to chicken noodle soup.

K-Star is currently open for reservations.

K-Stars owner David DeLuca said the chain is now looking for a full-time chef to help manage the kitchen and other facilities in the restaurant, which will be located in a renovated building.

“We’ve opened a small, two-story restaurant with the intention of bringing more Korean food to Edmonton,” DeLucas told CBC News.

While the restaurant is new, KStars previous locations have been popular with the country’s large Korean population.

KStar opened its first K-dramas in South Korea in October 2016 and now has a number of Korean restaurants in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

As of March 2018, KStar had more than 30 restaurants in 11 countries, with the largest of them being in the U.S. The chain’s expansion is not limited to the U, however.

The Canadian restaurant chain KFC opened its third U.K. location in May 2018 and its first U.A. location this year in the UK.

Like K-stars, KF-Star also has a focus on Canadian cuisine, though the menu of the new K-franchise includes a range of Korean dishes.

According the K-fc chain’s website, its menu features: A Korean chicken soup made with egg noodles.

A variety of chicken dishes from South Korea, such as Korean fried chicken, beef noodle, beef broth, pork belly, and more.

An array of Korean desserts, including Korean baked goods, sweet desserts, and desserts that are made with milk.

Crispy rice, chicken, tofu, pork, and pork belly noodle.

Two Korean-style salads, one with tofu and the other with rice and meat.

Three different Korean desserts.

Seafood from Korean islands in Japan, Korea and South Korea.

In addition to the new locations, KFC has two other restaurants in Canada, in Montreal and Toronto.

Both restaurants have their own menu.

With a menu of KFC restaurants, the Canadian chain is likely to expand even further.

It’s not known how much KStar will be able to sell.

It’s unclear how much of the company’s $2.5 billion in revenue will come from the new restaurants.

The restaurant chain, which was founded in 2008, currently operates in Canada and the U of A.

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