How to find the best restaurant in the city of Columbia: What to do first

With the city still reeling from the brutal loss of life in the Charleston church shooting, Columbia’s restaurant scene has been hit hard, and there’s a lot of work to be done.

With the capital facing a massive influx of visitors, it can take some time for restaurants to get their act together.

Here’s a look at the top restaurants in Columbia.


St. George’s Episcopal Church Charleston, SC: A popular, historic Episcopal church with a beautiful interior and outdoor seating, St. Georges Episcopal Church is home to many local artists.

Located on the historic Charleston street, St Georges was one of the first churches in the United States to be dedicated to the Gospel, and its history has continued through the lives of many of the church’s members.

There are plenty of options for local dining, from an indoor seating area to a fully enclosed patio with a fireplace, outdoor seating for groups of five or more, and a small bar and grill.

The St Georgies is the city’s oldest and most iconic restaurant.


The Blacksmith Pub & Grill Charleston, South Carolina: The Blackmith Pub & Grille is one of Columbia’s best dining experiences.

This traditional tavern is nestled in a former cotton mill that is currently home to a large collection of African American artifacts.

Situated in the old mill, the restaurant has plenty of seating, a small patio, and full bar.

A great place to take a break after a long day of touring the city.


Sturgis Theatres Charleston, S.C.: With a small, charming courtyard, Sturgas Theatre is located on the south side of Columbia.

The theater is open to the public and features a large screen screen with live music and a large mural of the Charleston skyline.

Stages, plays, and musicals can be performed throughout the day, and the food menu offers dishes such as wings, steak, burgers, and burgers and fries.


The South Carolina Brewing Company Charleston, West Virginia: A small brewery on the city limits of Charleston, the South Carolina Beer Company has been open since 1972.

This brewery, which is known for its “original beers,” is also known for serving up delicious local brews and fresh locally produced beers.

Its a great place for a casual date night, or to enjoy the outdoors with friends.


The Rockfish Inn Charleston, Charleston, WV: Located in downtown Charleston, The Rockfishes Inn is a modern, modern bar and lounge.

A full bar is located in the basement, with a variety of cocktails, beer, and wine available.

This place is a great spot for a date night or a relaxing lunch break.


South Carolina Seafood Restaurant Charleston, Columbia: The Charleston Seafood has a beautiful, waterfront restaurant that serves classic Southern-inspired seafood, seafood-inspired burgers, steaks, and more.

A variety of different seafood options are available, and they offer a full bar, large seating area, and outdoor patio.

The restaurant also offers a variety, with fish tacos, shrimp, chicken, and pork.


The Bierkopf’s Grill Charleston City, South Carolinas: The Biestkopfs has a great restaurant on the downtown area, which features a very popular wine bar.

Located at the corner of Main Street and Broadway, this restaurant is one that locals flock to to enjoy delicious food and drink.

This location is an ideal place to grab a bite to eat, and to catch up with friends and family after a busy day.


The Old House Charleston, Washington, D.C.: The Old Home Restaurant and Hotel is located near the historic Georgetown Monument.

This historic hotel is one part of the National Historic District and has been a popular tourist attraction since the 19th century.

This hotel has been featured in many films, and offers guests a full service dining experience.

With so many options for a romantic date night in the Capital City, The Old Houser is a must-visit.


Belly Up Charleston, D and E, South Dakota: Located on West Street in downtown Columbia, this upscale restaurant serves traditional American fare.

The menu features dishes like chicken tikka masala, a classic South Dakota dish, and steaks like steak ribs and brisket.


The Great Wall Charleston, North Carolina: Located near the intersection of West Street and East Main Street, The Great Walks offers a relaxed, informal atmosphere that draws locals and tourists alike.

This outdoor plaza offers a view of Columbia Bay and a view to Columbia River Park.

With a view overlooking Columbia Bay, this plaza offers an opportunity for people to unwind and enjoy a great meal while enjoying a beer.


D’Agostino’s Charleston, Missouri: D’ Agostino is an award-winning restaurant with a great menu and an impressive selection of traditional Southern dishes.

The popular

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