New ‘World of Warcraft’ restaurant in LA opens, owners reveal

NEW YORK (AP) The owners of a restaurant in Los Angeles say they’re thrilled with the opening of a new restaurant called the World of Warcraft restaurant.The owners of the Lighthouse restaurant in Long Beach said they are thrilled with a new World of WarCraft-themed restaurant opening.The Long Beach Times

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Best restaurant for a date

The best restaurant for the date.What to bring and what not to bring.What to bring: $10 to $20, wine, beer, and soft drinks.What not to: A jacket, sunglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses.Dinner will start at $55 for adults, $45 for children 12 and under and $25 for those under 12.

How ‘Dish’ is reinventing itself in Mexico and the US

The Mexican restaurant chain “Dish” is doing its part to be the best of the best in Mexico with an all-inclusive menu and a new product launch.The chain has launched two new restaurants in Mexico City and in Tijuana, the capital city of Mexico.The new restaurants, the Mexican edition of

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Why is this place so delicious?

Why is a restaurant so delicious that you will actually have to eat there?It is because the chefs have taken the time to make sure that they have a great recipe for the dish.And you can’t just walk in and start eating your way through this place.This place has so

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How to get your favorite restaurant back online after the shutdown

It’s a pretty common practice to open a new restaurant and leave it there until it becomes available again, only to be greeted with the same questions: How do I get my favorite restaurant to open again?And how do I do that without losing the customers?That’s what happened last week

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Nashville restaurant, bar owners to pay $2.2 million in lawsuits

Two Nashville restaurants, bars and restaurants owners are facing federal and state lawsuits after a federal jury in February found the restaurants and bars had violated federal and local laws and violated their employees’ constitutional rights, including their First Amendment rights to free speech.The trial of attorneys representing the plaintiffs

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A few tips to avoid going out to dinner at a fancy hotel

Restaurants open at night are getting increasingly popular with tourists and locals, who are using them to get a taste of the big city.Some hotels, particularly in big cities like New York, San Francisco and London, are getting popular with the general public.But while you’re there, you may want to

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How to make the most of your budget in New York City

It’s the biggest, busiest shopping mall in the world and it’s home to everything from clothing to food.But there’s one area of New York where everyone can enjoy a great deal: the restaurant scene. For a long time, New York’s food scene was largely controlled by a handful of large restaurants,

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‘The place to eat in the US’: Restaurants in Chattanooga

In a country where food is often scarce, some of the city’s most famous restaurants, including Chick-Fil-A, the popular chicken restaurant chain, have found a way to make their menu and their food available.The restaurants are opening in cities across the country and are bringing the diners back to eat.Read

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How French restaurants are opening in Canada

French restaurants have started to open in Canada.They include some that are vegan and have no dairy or meat, and some that serve a more meat-centric menu.Here’s a look at what they’re serving:Vegan RestaurantsIn Ottawa, one of the best vegan restaurants is The Vegan Cafe.It’s on the second floor of

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